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Micasa Hostel Intern Program. Welcome home to an amazing community of hosts and friends from around the world. Join the Micasa has an intern today.

The Position you are applying for
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Terms and conditions


1. Micasa shall provide accommodation + 2 meals (a simple South Indian meal) a day for the entire duration of the Internship.  

2. Micasa shall also provide Rs. 2000 worth of hostel credits, every month that can be spent within the hostel premise and the hostel cafe. There will be no other monetary remuneration during the internship period.

3. The minimum commitment for an internship shall be 2 months. 

4. First month shall be a trial period and  the extension of the internship shall be confirmed anytime in the first month once the management finds the candidate suitable. 

5. The duration of work shall be 8 hours a day. All Holidays and weekends are generally working days at Micasa, 2 days monthly off during busy months and 3 days during off seasons shall be given. There will be no off between Christmas and New Year, the off day can be taken additionally at a later time.

6. The 8 hours a day can be of flexible time and may be given at discontinuous intervals.  

7. All candidates shall receive an experience certificate at the completion of the internship.

8. Candidates who show exemplary work ethics during the internship program, shall be offered a full time job if they wish to pursue it. 

General Terms 

1. Any misbehavior with the staff or the customers of the Micasa or any illegal activity, shall immediately warrant Micasa to cancel the internship and the volunteering with immediate effect and take appropriate action if required.

2. All interns and volunteers shall abide by the house rules of Micasa and are bound to all conditions that shall apply.

3. Micasa reserves all right to withdraw the offer if the terms of engagement of the internships are not being met.

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